In partnership with:  The Arctic Institute, Unequal Scenes

With support from:  National Geographic, The National Trust for Historic Preservation

Earth’s climate is changing at a rate that has far exceeded most scientific forecasts.  Warming seas mean rising tides.  Based on NASA sea-level rise projections, between 4 and 13 million Americans will be displaced from their homes by the end of this century.  Whether we recognize it or not, climate change is rapidly becoming part of the American story.  


Eroding Edges is a documentary series that explores the changing lives and identities of America’s coastal communities.  The project bears witness to the unprecedented loss of hundreds of years of place-based tradition and focuses on stories of leadership and the quest for local solutions to rising seas.  In choosing to focus on hope, the project moves beyond the sensationalism of the tragedy and towards stories of local heroes who are working to protect their homes and cultural heritage.